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Rebar refers to the steel used in concrete to compensate for its low tensile strength. Another name is reinforcement rebar. Since the steel used in reinforced concrete structures is in the form of wire or reinforcement, with that steel It is called rebar. Rebars have different diameters according to their standard type.


Usually coil rebar is used in two forms, ribbed and simple coil.
The simple coil of this type of rebar is available in the market from 5.5 to 16 mm in size. Sizes 5.5 to 8 with the term “wire” are the most used. It is worth mentioning that this product is produced in factories up to size 12, and higher sizes are produced to order.

5.5 coil simple RST34 rebar
Rebar 6.5 coil simple RST34
RST34 simple 8 coil rebar
Rebar of 10 simple coils RST34

Ribbed coil

This type of rebar is divided into two groups, A2 and A3. The price of this type of rebar in the market is determined based on its category and size. Usually, the price of ribbed rebar is higher than its simple type. Of course, this depends on the size of the bars.
What are the uses of coiled rebar?
1- Construction
2- Truss and beams
3- Towing wire
4- Barbed wire
5- Metal chain
6- nails, screws, rivets
8- Fence net, fence and gabion
9- Spring industries

Black wire is produced during the stretching process from tensile bars and heating in a furnace at high temperature, which makes it soft and flexible.
Uses: use of wire in the production of all kinds of rattan nets, chicken nets, meshes, nails, rivets, barbed wire, panels, meshes, electrodes
The use of wire in the construction industry, reinforcement, molding and packaging
The use of wire in the agricultural industry for wiring vineyards
Wire specifications:
Produced in dimensions 1/20, 1/50, 2/50, 3, 4
Super flexible and soft
Use in various industries.


The profile has many uses in construction, industry and road construction, but its most use is in the manufacture of iron doors and windows.
There are square and rectangular profiles, which are used in small sections for metal fences for doors and windows, staircases, factory walls, sidewalks, and streets, but the larger sections of the profiles are known as columns. are used in the construction of columns and metal frameworks.

Steel Rebar

Rebar is one of the most important profiles used in construction and industrial structures, whose task is to bear the stresses resulting from shear force and bending moment.
IPE beam: European and German standard – height 80-600 mm
INP beam: Chinese and Russian standard – height 80 to 600 mm
IPB beam: wide wing beam – height 100 to 1000 mm



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